Share the joy of childhood

Why Rangi Ruru Pre-School?

There is nothing more important to a parent than ensuring that their child is nurtured and supported to learn and grow. Rangi Ruru Pre-School knows the importance of a great start for children and values the role parents and the community play to ensure our children flourish.

Rangi Ruru Pre-School is a small not-for-profit, family-oriented, community based education and care centre located in the attractive grounds of Rangi Ruru Girls’ School in Merivale, Christchurch. All teaching staff are fully qualified, registered teachers specialising in the care and education of boys & girls aged from 2 years to school entry.

As part of the Rangi Ruru Girls’ School community the children have numerous opportunities, resources and facilities available to them that other centres may not be able to provide.  Use of the fully equipped gymnasium, library (with dedicated preschool area), art studios, music suites & the Merivale Lane Theatre, science suites, 3 D and digital media resources, large playing field and artificial turf areas are just a few of the resources that add depth and complexity to what we can offer each child during their learning journey.

Meet Our Teachers

The wonderful teachers at the Rangi Ruru Pre-School are fully qualified teachers, passionate about fostering growth and opportunities for boys and girls aged 2 years – school entry. Our teachers follow children’s interests to determine both the planned and spontaneous curriculum.  

With over 30 years experience, our full skilled staff and teachers are experts in caring for children and preparing them for primary school.

Our Facilities

Rangi Ruru Pre-School is situated in a spacious and comfortable house, which was remodelled to accommodate up to 30 children and our fully registered teaching staff.

Located in the beautiful grounds of Rangi Ruru Girls’ School means that the Pre-school also has access to the full facilities of the school including library, gymnasium, music & dance suites, dance studio, art studio, 3D and digital technologies, field and artificial turf. No additional cost is required of families for use of the facilities and resources.

Working alongside teachers from the Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, we can access resources and teaching expertise to follow your child’s interest.

Indoor Areas

The Pre-School’s layout is inviting and provides an intimate, homely atmosphere for children and their families.

The child-centred outdoor area provides opportunities for the children to engage in activities that develop their physical and social capabilities.

The indoor environment enables our teaching team to provide well-resourced spaces and encourages self-directed play choices and opportunities for independence amongst children.

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Out and About

We make use of the attractive gardens and playing fields of Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, along with visits to the gymnasium, library, science labs and drama suites.

The library has been designed to include a reading area specifically for the pre-school group which is well resourced with books for the under sixes.

The Pre-School’s convenient location enables staff to plan excursions with children, using the environment beyond the centre gates. Trips into the inner city area, including the museum and gardens add an important dimension to the centre’s programme.

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Learning Together

Children’s play is viewed as meaningful and enables them to continue to grow and develop and extends the child’s understanding and skills, developing a natural curiosity about the world around them.

Through fostering warm and respectful relationships we help all children to develop a sense of belonging, friendships and trust.

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Inspiring Intrigue and Fun

We provide an environment that fosters warm and respectful relationships, where all children are able to develop a sense of belonging and trust knowing they are in a safe and secure environment.

The programme allows children time to investigate, explore and discover.  They engage in purposeful activities in a collaborative way with the guidance of their teachers.

We foster children’s interests and encourage children to develop and test working theories.  Children are encouraged to be creative thinkers and self-motivated learners.

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What Our Parents Say

“We could not be happier with our boys’ experiences at Rangi Ruru Pre-school. It is not just a place where learning is a joy, it is also a place where all children feel valued, included and supported.”

“We noticed a lovely relaxed and happy atmosphere with the teachers guiding the children in exploring their environment, playing, being creative and many more activities. Since that day we feel that we have grown into the Rangi family.”

Your Children

We recognise that giving children the very best start in life is essential for all parents. Rangi Ruru Pre-School not only cares for children but partners with parents to ensure that their children become part of a community that is equally invested in their future. We do this by:

  • Keeping parents informed
  • Working in collaboration
  • Putting happiness at the centre of everything we do
  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment
  • Providing the best early childhood education for your child

Starting at Pre-School

In order to make the transition to pre-school as smooth as possible we invite parents to stay with their child for as long as they wish. Children are welcome to bring a special toy to help them settle.

Contained it the Parent Handbook is a full list of enrolment material required prior to starting as well as a list of things to bring each day.

Health and Wellbeing

Safety and happiness are a core consideration and the Pre-School has rigorous procedures in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of all children and staff. Confidential information on a child’s health, including immunisations and illnesses is recorded to ensure staff can respond appropriately to all circumstances.

Refer to the Parent Handbook for complete information on the Centre’s heath and wellbeing guidelines.

20 Hours ECE

Rangi Ruru Pre-School offers 20 hours ECE to 3 and 4 your old children. An information pack on the scheme is available from the Centre and covers the obligations of both the Centre and parents.

Optional charges may apply when aspects of education and care are over and above regulatory standards. We are happy to discuss all aspects of fees and the ECE scheme when you visit the Centre.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities.