Yesterday we ventured out into our local community, as we do regularly.  This time our walking trip took us into Little Hagley Park and the surrounding area.

We have been discussing conservation and recycling a great deal, participating in activities related to sustainability, along with striving to cut down on the amount of rubbish we generate within the preschool.  Our families are really stepping up to limit the amount of non-recycleables coming in with lunchboxes and our children are becoming very aware of the differences between rubbish, recycleables and organics.  We have created our own traffic light system of red- dangerous to our planet, orange – reuse or recycle, and green – from the earth, return to the earth, which we are proudly displaying in the centre.

During our walk, we collected rubbish, which even included bringing (well, rolling) a discarded car tyre home with us!

We love checking out how the park is changing through the seasons. Thanks to the family members who decided to tag along with us, we are so fortunate to always have lots of offers to join in.

We also found one of the rocks placed around our city, by Christchurch Rocks NZ.  There are many of these hidden around the city and we were lucky enough to find one – very exciting.  We have re-hidden the rock near our Preschool, for someone else to enjoy finding.