We could not be happier with our boys’ experiences at Rangi Ruru Pre-school.

It is not just a place where learning is a joy, it is also a place where all children feel valued, included and supported. When we were thinking about what we desired in a pre-school our key priorities were that our children would be cared for, be supported through challenges and have a great deal of fun. In our experience Rangi Ruru Pre-school exceeds expectations on all of those fronts. Our sons have developed close relationships with the teachers and often refer to what they have shared with them. Both have been assisted in building positive friendships and appreciating different opinions. Our eldest son absolutely loved the art-room and through this his particular interests were nurtured and he had an opportunity to be a leader in this skill with other children. Our youngest, craves being outside and his desire to test the boundaries of the slide and the sandpit are encouraged. Our eldest son’s transition to a modern learning environment primary school was seamless as the preschool environment laid the foundations for student driven learning. Our youngest likes preschool so much that he often asks to go on the weekends! Thank you for enriching the lives of our children and for making pre-school a wonderful place for parents as well.

Jenelle and Scott

When we visited Rangi Ruru Pre-school our daughter didn’t want to go home.

She adored the older children who pushed her on the swing and were caring and nice. We noticed a lovely relaxed and happy atmosphere with the teachers guiding the children in exploring their environment, playing, being creative and many more activities. Since that day we feel that we have grown into the Rangi family. We see our daughter developing into a well-rounded child who understands empathy, problem solving, role-play and communication. She also has lots of intriguing excursions into the world of science or practical skills. Rangi Ruru Pre-school has nurtured her curiosity and build up her self-confidence. We are grateful that our daughter has a perfect start to her learning and schooling. We are also grateful that the enthusiastic, knowledgeable and nurturing guidance of the Rangi Ruru Pre-school teaching team will give her the skills to develop into a formidable adult. I can’t praise the Rangi Ruru Pre-school team enough – we love it there!

Julia and Raj 

You won’t regret making the decision to enroll your child here.

Our son started at Rangi Ruru when he was just over 2. Having looked into other options, it became clear that not all Early Childhood Centres are equally created and the decision to start him here was easy. The staff are all highly qualified and skilled but it is their love of teaching and caring for little ones that provides the special ‘home away from home’ environment that the children flourish in. All the staff take their time to listen to each child and understand their needs and respond to their interests. No two days are the same. Having the preschool located in the grounds of the secondary school allows for adventures and discoveries to be found in the science and art rooms, the sports fields, the library and the auditoriums where interests are nurtured and developed. These events are underpinned by a gentle rhythm of the daily routine; where the children come together as a family to greet each other, eat and play. Kindness, respect and inclusiveness are key values of the preschool and they are evident in the way the children are communicated to and the way they relate to each other. We will miss our preschool days when our almost 5 year old heads off to school in a few short months. You won’t regret making the decision to enrol your child here – you will gain a loving extended family where you can feel safe in the knowledge that your child is receiving the best support available for their journey into learning.

Stephanie and Aaron

Staff are caring and really want to involve parents and whanau.

Our daughter started recently at Rangi Ruru Preschool and since day one she has asked to go back every day. The staff are caring and really want to involve parents and whanau. Their philosophy of caring for children is the same as ours (RIE based) and is one of the main reasons we chose them.

Laura and Alastair

Access to the high school facilities next door is a real bonus.

Our son Jack loves Rangi Ruru Preschool! He settled in very quickly and really enjoys all the opportunities to be creative, explore his interests and test out his ideas. Access to the high school facilities next door is a real bonus and Jack loves going to the gym for PMP sessions with the high school girls, and dance class.

Victoria and Andrew


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