Yesterday we were fortunate to have a wonderful experience organised for us, by one of our Preschool families.

Liz Hunton, from Magical Minis 216 came along, to Preschool, with two of her beautiful and mild mannered miniature ponies, Woody and Possom.

The children were delighted and enthusiastic about our visitors.  We are very blessed to be located on the amazing grounds of Rangi Ruru Girls’ High School and have access to our wonderful facilities.  The field provided the perfect place for two small ponies to spend their afternoon.

Our curriculum, Te Whariki, encourages teachers and whanau to provide opportunities for young children to “help take care of animals and living things” and “what they need for their well-being”.  Well, this was the perfect experience to support these learning outcomes and develop some more knowledge about the living world.

Tilly is an experienced rider, so once ‘Woody’ was saddled up, she showed her skills off to everyone.  Wow – how confident and competent you are Tilly!

Everyone else had opportunities to lead the ponies around the field and to groom them.  Needless to say, everyone eagerly awaited a turn.  It didn’t take long for word to get around that there were ponies on the field, and we were soon joined by many of the big girls.  Just goes to show you are never too old for an ‘ooh and ahh’ at a cute wee pony.