Monday 12 June 2017

Just to let everyone know –

We had a fantastic morning with amazing support from family, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School students and faculty members.  We couldn’t have done it without all the cheers and words of encouragement.

The total combined lap count currently stands at … 891  (we have two more lap cards to collect, as they went home with the wheels).

What a truly spectacular effort shown by the children of Rangi Ruru Preschool.  It was wonderful to hear that many children had set themselves a target and with perseverance most of them achieved or exceeded this.

We look forward to receiving the sponsorship / donation money and will post some pictures on Rangi Life, Rangi Ruru Preschool website and our newsletter very soon.

With a total of 89 laps, Archie definitely needed a drink of water! Well done to everyone.